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Things to know before remodeling your home

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Things to know before remodeling your home

House remodeling is not always what you perceive it to be. Just considering the aesthetic appeal as the only factor is totally misleading before embarking upon the home renovation project. Weather and climatic concerns are some of the most vital concerns if you are looking forward to sustainable remodeling outcomes. Humidity that leads to mold, sunlight, heavy rainstorms, hurricanes, or even pests like termites is the factor to consider before venturing out on a home remodeling plan. We gathered some useful tips to acquire long-term results. Then we will move towards how you can choose the style that fits your home.

Protect wood from termites

If you fear the termite attack on your wood and wooden products then go for Timbor. It’s a solution to your problems. It is basically an insecticide developed from a nontoxic salty solution. It serves as a protective layer for your wood from termites and fungus. It is used for both indoor and outdoor wooden materials and bears no harm. As it’s non-toxic and odorless.

Do you reside in a flood zone?

Before embarking upon a renovation project, look out if it’s in a flood zone. Because according to instructions by Fema, your renovation cost shouldn’t exceed the value of your building structure. Another option is to raise it above the floodplain.

Be energy efficient


Install the HVAC system, air ducts, cooling installations, etc according to your home’s design. Any efficient energy system is one of the basic necessities to consider before remodeling.

Now we move towards the second part of our blog, which is how to choose a layout that is most appropriate for your home.

Whenever someone plans to start a home remodeling project the first thing that crosses their mind is a conflict between choosing a traditional or modern style. However, what is trending most is the transitional style where you can have the best from both sides. Pick and choose elements from a traditional and contemporary blend that complement best your residential space. First, you need to understand what constitutes traditional and modern.


Architectural designs that imitate European style and are built with wood and utilize material like crown molding, wainscot and chair roll, etc are all classic examples of traditional architecture.

Modern or contemporary style

It’s all about a minimalistic approach. These are clean, sleek, and crisp designs and angles that give an airy outlook. They predominantly use man-made materials like glass, concrete, and metal, etc.

Transitional designing is the hybrid of both, keeping the hues of the past with the comfort of today. Here are few examples of combining both.

  1. Choose neutral color schemes with soft hues but accentuate them with bold and vibrant contrasts to get the feel of both.
  2. Keep fancy woodwork but don’t overdo it. To give it a contemporary look refrain from the crown molding or wainscot.
  3. Lighting and fixtures are another way to blend both. Choose an eye catchy but modern-designed chandelier to light up your home.
  4. Metallic elements are in vogue for transitional designs. Try adding bronze, copper, or other metallic hues to faucets, lighting, or other fixtures for getting that hybrid mix.
  5. Adding carpets or modern art pieces to your renovation project can give a very transitional look too. It adds color and luxury to your surroundings.

If you can’t decide for yourself

Choose a licensed and insured service for your home remodeling project to give you the best possible consultation. Ricks’ Carpentry LLC has 36 years long experience. We provide free consultation, quality work, and budget-friendly pricing options. You can’t get home renovation every other month so choose wisely.

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