Make your home the best it can be with our Door Installation and Repair Services In Belle Chasse

A simple way to give your home that little bit extra is with a new door. It’s all in the details when it comes to cohesiveness. Our staff of trained professionals is here to make the process as easy as possible. We also offer door repairs, if your door has a little damage and you don’t want to replace the entire door then we can come to fix it to make it like new again.

Patio Door and French Door Installation

Here at Rick’s Carpentry, we offer the installation on patio doors and French doors. These are the kind of doors that add a bit of decoration and personality to your home. Also, they are more difficult to install than your general doors. So getting professional carpenter services near Harvey is always the right choice for this work. Our staff of trained professionals are always efficient when installing doors in your home. This way you can enjoy your new door as soon as possible. Contact Rick’s Carpentry for all your door needs.

Rick’s Carpentry is a local area carpenter. We offer quality craftsmanship and prompt service. Our serving area is in and around Belle ChasseGretnaHarveyMarreroWestwegoBridge CityElmwoodHarahanRiver RidgeNew Orleans, and Algiers.

Entry doors

Entry doors are key to your business. They secure your building, protect your inventory and visitors, and attract new business. But at the same time, they are vulnerable to wind, rain, snow, UV rays, improper paint application, or even fire. You need to protect your entry doors while making sure they don’t make your business look ugly. At Ricks Carpentry, we offer solutions for all of these problems.

It’s not enough to simply replace or repair your old door system with another one that has similar vulnerabilities. You need a sturdy new door that is resistant to the elements of Sarasota County climate while also pleasing to the eye. Ricks Carpentry offers superior entry doors at affordable prices.

French rail doors

Getting more open access to cupboards is appealing, but at the same time, there are always concerns about the potential for damage or accidentally leaving things behind. You can prevent this with independent quality French rail doors installed by our expert carpentry company. French doors are gorgeous but hard to work on. If you are repairing or adding extras to your French doors, it’s not only time-consuming but also difficult to get the right sizes and shapes of doors and windows.

Ricks Carpentry can help! We cut and make your new/reconstructed French doors precisely to specification. Our team of highly trained carpenters can replace your existing doors with an easy-to-operate French door system that will keep your home looking great and protect it from any unwanted intruders. 

Door replacement

But why do you need your existing doors replaced? Do they look tired outside? Are they warped or damaged around the hinges? Are cracks spreading at an alarming pace? Is rot setting in around the bottoms of your doors? Or, is it just that you want to change their color or design? Whatever your reason for wanting your doors replaced, our specialist door experts are the people to call. When it comes to your home, safety is always important. The quality of your door can make or break how secure you feel in your own home. It’s worth paying for quality… right? But with all the choices out there how can you know for sure? Instead of struggling with DIY door replacement or calling on someone who has never before worked in this industry, let Ricks’s specialist tradesmen help you out. 

New storm door installation

There’s something about storms that make even the toughest person cower inside. It’s the perfect time to invest in a storm door for your home. The summer breeze won’t carry all the storm debris away but having a storm door will.

A storm door can be one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your home additions, not only for curb appeal but also for your home’s energy efficiency, protection against harmful elements, and strength against extreme weather conditions. Our team of carpenters and installation experts know how to install a tamper-proof new door that will protect your hardwood flooring and provide you and your home with all the benefits of a new entryway solution.

Interior and Exterior Door Services

People usually do not pay attention to their doors but the truth is that doors are something that say a lot about your house. Doors are something that a person sees first when entering the house, therefore they are considered to a major component of a house’s aesthetic. At Rick’s Carpentry, we offer amazing door services near Belle Chasse. These services include the installation of main doors, room doors, gates, and even garage doors as well.

Modern and Elegant Designs

Are you slightly bored with the look of your house and want to remodel it? The first thing that you should focus on is to change the doors of the house and bring in something more modern and elegant so as to increase the appeal of your house and make it look more attractive than ever. Our door services near Gretna are liked by lots of people whom we have served in the past and are quite happy with what we have done for them.

We don’t only offer the installation of new doors but offer reliable door repair services as well. So, it’s time that you really pay some attention to the doors of your house and replace the old ones with something new and elegant. We also offer the installation of patio doors along with the services of wood patio covers near Westwego. So, if you want door repair and installation services, then Rick’s Carpentry is the one for you. Call us Now.

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