Carpentry Services in Marrero, LA

Crafting Carpentry Solutions With Excellence In Marrero

Are you tired of your deck looking weathered and worn, or is that creaky door causing frustration? It’s time for a transformation! At Rick’s Carpentry, we’ve made it our mission to solve these carpentry issues and bring fresh life to your living spaces. 

We’re the craftsmen of transformation, dedicated to breathing new life into your property with quality carpentry in Marrero, LA. Our professionalism, cutting-edge tools, and top-tier materials sourced from Marrero’s best wood providers set us apart. Plus, our transparent pricing ensures that excellence doesn’t have to break the bank. 

Don’t wait; let’s redefine your home’s beauty. Contact us today, and let the magic of Rick’s Carpentry begin!

Carpentry Services in Marrero, LA

Our carpentry services go beyond the ordinary. We take pride in transforming your ideas into tangible, stunning woodwork. Our exterior carpentry in Marrero, LA, is designed to address residents’ common problems while adding creativity and excellence to every project.

Common Carpentry Problems We Solve:

Stunning Deck Covers with finishing wood polish work

Deck Covers

Extending your outdoor living space

Outdoor living is a way of life in Marrero, and deck covers are essential for enjoying your outdoor space year-round. Our team specializes in creating beautiful and functional deck covers that protect your deck from the elements, making it a comfortable and inviting space even during Louisiana’s occasional rainy spells. We offer a variety of high-quality materials to choose from, ensuring durability and a seamless blend with your home’s architecture. You can make the most of your outdoor living areas with custom deck designs tailored to your preferences.

Patio Covers

Bringing your outdoor dream to life

With its hot summers and sudden rain showers, Marrero’s climate often necessitates a shaded outdoor retreat. Our patio covers services offer the perfect solution. They protect your patio from harsh weather conditions and create a cozy atmosphere for relaxation and gatherings. We provide durable patio cover options that can withstand the elements, and our team is adept at personalizing designs to match your vision and the architecture of your home. Say goodbye to common issues like sunburn or unexpected rain disrupting your outdoor plans.

Doors Services

Welcoming entrances

Your front door plays a pivotal role in your home, serving as the first impression for guests and a crucial element of security. Rick’s Carpentry understands the significance of this essential component, and our door services are designed to address common problems and enhance your home’s aesthetics and security. Our skilled craftsmen specialize in creating beautiful and secure entryways, offering customizable designs that cater to your preferences. 

Whether you desire a classic, modern, or unique door design, we have the expertise to craft the perfect entrance. If your door is damaged, our repair services are tailored to restore it to its former glory using quality materials and expert techniques. We also provide professional fence and gate installation services for those seeking an upgrade, ensuring a secure and visually appealing front door. Contact us today to make your home more inviting and secure with our door services.

A carpenter man repairs a wooden door

Deck Repair

Reviving your outdoor space

Over time, your outdoor deck can show signs of aging, but that doesn’t mean you need to start from scratch. Our deck repair experts specialize in revitalizing your outdoor space. We’ll restore your deck’s beauty and structural integrity, making it a place you can enjoy for years to come. Our expert deck repair techniques restore the flawless look of your exteriors, eliminating any issues, including chips and cracks in the wood. Don’t let a worn-out deck keep you from maximizing your outdoor area. Let us help you with quality fixes!

Fence and Gate Installation

Security and curb appeal

Home security and privacy are paramount concerns for every homeowner. Rick’s Carpentry addresses these issues by providing top-notch fence and gate installation services. We understand that a fence isn’t just a boundary; it’s an expression of your property’s character. Our experts offer a wide range of styles and materials, ensuring that your fence or gate complements your home’s aesthetic. Our installations provide security and enhance your property’s curb appeal. Choose from classic wooden fences for a warm, traditional look, or opt for modern metal gates to make a statement. Rick’s Carpentry ensures that your home reflects your style while offering protection.

A wooden fence and gate install at home

Pricing and Packages

We believe in transparency, and our Pricing and Packages section reflects this commitment. Our clients need to understand the cost of our services clearly. We offer tailored packages to address various budgets, ensuring affordability and quality. This section empowers clients to make informed decisions regarding their carpentry projects, whether dealing with common issues or embarking on a large-scale renovation.

Promoting Sustainability

Marrero residents value eco-friendly practices, and our Sustainability section underscores our commitment to these values. We understand the importance of sustainability in carpentry and offer eco-friendly solutions. From the materials we use to our green initiatives, we aim to solve common problems while contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

  • Aligns our carpentry services with the values of the Marrero community.
  • Demonstrates our responsibility to the environment and the local ecosystem.
  • Provides eco-conscious clients with assurance that their projects will not compromise environmental integrity.

About Marrero

Marrero, LA, is a town of unique charm, known for its rich history and vibrant community. Nestled in this delightful locale, Rick’s Carpentry is the local carpentry solution that perfectly complements the town’s character. The need for carpentry services is prominent in Marrero, where traditional architecture and modern living coexist. Our services offer solutions to common carpentry problems and enhance the aesthetics, security, and functionality of the town’s homes and businesses. We take pride in contributing to Marrero’s visual appeal and structural integrity, ensuring that this charming town’s heart remains as inviting and secure as its residents deserve.



We find it imperative to teach our customers how to maintain the integrity of their investment. Similarly, we work hard to maintain affordable pricing. Also, we find it important to teach our customer easy things they can do to save money by avoiding costly repairs. A little touch up here and there will go a long way.

dave mcrae
dave mcrae
Definitely will use again.
James Macika
James Macika
I needed a laundry room door replaced and Rick came out to my home expeditiously to assess the situation and to give me a quote. The price was very reasonable and in fact was the same as his estimate; no surprises there. Rick and his associate, Chris, came out early to my home and got to work immediately. The old door and frame were removed without issue and the new door and frame professionally installed. Both Rick and Chris were very collaborative and kept me informed as to the progress. The door looks fantastic and will no doubt increase the overall value of the home. As a bonus, the old door and all the old trim were taken away and the laundry room cleaned up better than it was when they first arrived. Honest, professional, collaborative: it all adds up to great value. I appreciate having a contractor who does quality work on time and in a most friendly, collaborative manner. I would recommend Rick's Carpentry LLC to anyone who needs carpentry work done.
Josh Bomar
Josh Bomar
Professional experience from start to finish. Showed up exactly on time and got to work replacing my front door. Work quality was excellent as well, and made sure I saw everything working properly before departing. Will use again for any future jobs.
Alyce Wicker
Alyce Wicker
We are grateful for such reliable, exceptional work. Thank you for the wonderful results.
Jacob Walker
Jacob Walker
Melvin was highly professional. Our privacy fence came out amazing and was finished very fast.
Eric Coons
Eric Coons
Rick and Chris were a pleasure to work with and I would absolutely hire them again for any carpentry needs at my home. Rick showed up on time for an initial walkthrough and promptly delivered a reasonable, itemized estimate. He and his workers showed up a week later (as scheduled and on time each day) and did a great job replacing a privacy fence and gate, deck, and adjusting some of our home’s doors. Overall a great experience and would highly recommend.
Trish H
Trish H
Rick is professional, responsive and stands behind his work. He installed doors for me at 2 different properties and each time he showed up when he said he would; did a great job and left the work site clean. His prices are fair and his work is great. I highly recommend him
ralph mason
ralph mason
We had 2 older wooden decks that needed replacement. Rick and his people came in and very quickly built 2 new Trex porches that are fantastic. I should have paid them a bonus.

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